Why ChoosE

Nex Gen?

  • Nex Gen offers as many hybrid and remote education configurations and solutions as needed to meet all student needs and family social distancing standards.

  • Nex Gen offers the most affordable learning services for working families in the area because we too are in your shoes and had you in mind as we developed our pricing.


  • Nex Gen offers remote learning support and social pods for children in grades Pre-K to 8.


  • Nex Gen offers tutoring in all areas for grades K - 8.

  • All Nex Gen tutors are experts in the subject matter they teach.


  • Nex Gen offers enrichment programs and so much more.


  • All Nex Gen staff members have background checks.


  • Nex Gen is run by teachers, ensuring students receive the best possible support.


  • All Nex Gen teachers are trained in Google Classroom and can be trained in whatever platform your school uses.

  • Nex Gen offers fully customizable solutions for all your child’s needs.


  • Having a Nex Gen facilitator support your pod means that they will know immediately if your child is struggling and will be able to help them in real time. They can also work with your child and their teacher to ensure your child’s academic success.


  • Nex Gen is fully committed to helping you and your child in any way necessary.


  • Nex Gen is fully committed to your child’s achievement and well-being.