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If you are like most people, remote learning was difficult for your family last year. Students had trouble learning on their own, following instructions, logging in, staying focused and engaged, and finding assignments. Many felt disconnected from teachers and peers — lost and alone.

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Nex Gen’s Pod Squad will take the pain out of remote learning for you and your children by offering services to meet most varying needs. And, all Nex Gen teachers will receive training on both your district’s curriculum as well as Google Classroom and other relevant platforms from one of our tech savvy Google-certified teachers.


Our daily classes will be provided for grades Pre-K -- 8. Our tutoring and enrichment services are open to grades Pre-K -- 12.


Right now, we are not equipped to run special education classes, however, we are able to train facilitators to recognize childrens’ strengths and weaknesses and to support mainstreamed children with mild challenges.

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DISLIKE doing! 

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We provide you with training on Google Classroom, or whatever your school uses, and can offer insight into your child’s school’s culture, teacher and their expectations. We are an extra set of eyes and ears advocating for your kids from the trenches.

In addition, while Nex Gen is facilitating for your child, you have the unique, unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is usually only provided in class to children with 504 plans, and the like by an aide, where, if your child is having difficulty, your Nex Gen facilitator will see it first-hand, immediately, in-person — and will be able to address the difficulty as it happens, let you know about it and suggest solutions to enable your child to thrive.


What makes this opportunity so unique is that unlike an aide in a classroom, with Nex Gen, your child will be helped by a skilled, licensed teacher who has been taught to recognize and problem-solve learning issues. Instead of not understanding something in class and then becoming frustrated when doing homework at home, any learning issue faced by your child will be handled in real time.

Lastly, your nights will be homework free! By the time your children are done working with a Nex Gen Facilitator and/or tutor, their homework will be finished. This means there will be ample time for spending time as a family at night -- without the burden on homework looming overhead.

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We know that online teaching is new to you. Being on the receiving end, as teachers, we can help support your lessons with students, clear up anything unclear — and, let you know where your students are struggling. We are your allies — in the trenches, trying to make your job a little easier.

Also, statistics show that a large percentage of teachers are retiring or will just not be resuming their jobs in the fall. Nex Gen, which as you know was created by teachers, wants to help our fellow colleagues continue to earn a living by doing what they do best — in a safe and sanitary environment.


By hiring licensed teachers, we are not only helping you -- we are helping students by providing them with the best possible support.

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Remote learning is very different from learning in school. Don't worry -- you are not alone. Nex Gen will help you keep pace with your classes and help you stay on track. When you are confused, we will be there to explain things to you. If you did not quite grasp a lesson, we will help you with anything you missed or are unsure about. The minute you need help — we will be by your side, every step of the way. You are not alone. We are all in this together.